Get higher prices by showing brilliantly optimized vehicle pictures

The autofox photo app supports you in realizing breath-taking, value improving vehicle pictures!

Our artificial intelligence optimizes each year millions of vehicle pictures for more than 1.500 car dealerships.

Only 3 simple steps to a professional vehicle presentation.

With the autofox photo-app you save a lot of cost and time and can realize a considerably quicker turnover of your vehicle stock.


Take photos like a pro

Simply follow the instruction in the app in order to photograph the car in its best position and perspective.


Picture editing 100% automatic

The AI by autofox edits your vehicle pictures in 10 to 20 seconds and inserts them into your chosen virtual showroom.


Pictures immediately online

The pictures are automatically transferred and published online. You save even more time and money.

Perfect digital showroom for your vehicles

With the virtual 3D showroom you exhibit your vehicles in a unique way and inspire the trust of prospective clients. Furthermore we offer you the possibility of visualizing your individual 2D or 3D showroom.

A must-have for the automotive industry

Increase online visibility

With your own studio design your vehicle will be well noticed on all online platforms. This can generate up to 62% more clicks on your online ads.

65% time saving

Using autofox is quick and intuitive, saving you time. The predefined photograph sequence makes taking photos easy and the pictures can be directly exported to your DMS or be published online.

55% cost saving

The autofox photo app enables you to photograph your vehicles a lot faster and automate the upload process. This can reduce your personnel costs by up to 55%.

Uniform design

The consistent and uniformed vehicle pictures in your virtual showroom makes your brand noticed faster and clearly positioned.

reduce the standstill period

Professional pictures are a key to success. With high quality photos of your vehicles you can sell your stock faster. Our clients confirm a reduction of the standstill period by 10-20%.

1.500+ dealerships rely on autofox

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